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When a homeowner is stuck with what to do in their garden or landscape, they may turn to pictures on the internet, buy some magazines that feature "design ideas" and often looking at what has already been done can inspire you to adopt some of the ideas shown.

As a landscape designer myself, I do find it very useful if a client shows me pictures of things that they like because it can tell me their preferred style and other bits of information that the client may not know how to put into words that convey what they like or are looking to obtain. So gathering pictures (print or digitally sent) is a good way to organize your first meeting with a landscape designer or for yourself for that matter.

For almost any kind of landscape design idea, you can simply search in Google or go to You Tube and type in the elements or just landscape design ideas. Whether you are looking for specific ideas such as firepits, pools, pergolas or patios, you will be presented with thousands of ideas. The one missing component however, is the question of whether that particular design idea will fit into your overall landscape vision. How would you place it and will it go with the other elements that you want. Ideas that are based on individual components must fit an overall theme and objective as well as your region.

Below is a site I found on the internet that features over 7000 landscape picture ideas that will provide you with an abundance of landscaping ideas and designs for your upcoming project...'Ideas 4 Landscaping' by Helen Whitfield, has done a excellent job of creating the largest most affordable resource package available.

However, her pitch states that you do not need to hire a landscape designer -- that all you need is her material. So if you can overlook the bias, and keep in mind that looking at pictures alone will not design your landscape for you --- just give you ideas... and that nothing compares to the training and experience of a qualified landscape design professional. 

This option is a great resource for those looking to do-it-themselves or those gathering ideas prior to meeting with a landscape professional. This option also has over 100 how to videos and several bonuses plus a 60 day  money back guarantee. Compared to wandering the internet for free information, this package seems worth the cost to provide you with easily accessible ideas and without the hassle of remembering all the websites you visited.

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