Landscaping Software Recommendations

Of the 15+ landscaping design software programs we have used and tested, we have chosen 2 programs that we feel are the best value for the money, as well as easy to use and having comprehensive features.

Below you will find out reviews of both programs so you can decide for yourself...

Recommended Landscape Design Software #1

Punch! Master Landscape Pro™

This program has come a long way since it first came out years ago. Each year improvements have been made which is why it made the cut for the top two programs we highly recommend. Punch! Master Landscape 

"Punch" includes pictures of thousands of plants so you can see exactly how your landscape design will look before you spend one penny on anything.

One thing we did appreciate were the step by step video tutorials included free with the software. Sometimes the hardest thing with landscape design software is figuring out how to use it, so it was great to know we could watch a video and see exactly how to do what we wanted.

Also, "Punch" allows you to upload a photo of your home, backyard, whatever you want, so you can build your landscaping design right before your eyes. No guessing games such as "I wonder how this would look in our yard" because you will see it clear as day in the software.

There are really too many features to list, so if you are interested in landscaping software, you should go directly to the manufacturer's website here and learn more. You can also buy a copy while you are there (instant download or on physical CD-Rom).

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