courtyards as focal points of energy

Courtyards remind us of the town square where everyone could get together and connect -- and to feel a part of the greater community. A private courtyard in someone's home evokes the same feelings, yet is more private and secure to the degree that it is walled off.

This courtyard features the central fountain designed in a European style with colorful tiles and classic statuary. The flower beds soften the otherwise large expanse of clay surface and creates an inner walking area.

 Courtyards are always enclosed spaces

enclosed open spaceCourtyards by definition are open air, outdoor spaces which evolved from atriums as areas within a building that was open to the sky.

They may have a focal point such as a fountain, or fire pit or even a wishing well.

For many smaller lot subdivisions, the front yard near the entrance can be walled off from the street to create a courtyard and add much more usuable space that would otherwise not be private.  


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