Things Change in the Garden

Garden and nature related quotes always have profound meaning to me, hence my sharing. It is good to have a garden to visit and ponder such quotes. Take this one for instance:

“There is a little plant called reverence in the corner of my soul’s garden, which I love to have watered once a week” —  Oliver Wendell Holmes

What if your garden was your soul? What if you revered your garden and all it means to you as sacred space? The impact of that quote brings personal relevance and allows you to experience the feeling behind the wisdom.

I water my garden more often that once a week. In fact, I don’t actually do the watering – having an automatic irrigation system. I do however, often go over and watch when I hear the system turn on. I like to experience what it may be like for the plants and soil to receive the watering. Almost like a feeding or type of cleansing.

I do what I can to protect the plants from being eaten by the rabbits. The chicken wire mesh around the perimeter of the fencing is the critter barrier. However, sometimes I feel like it’s their garden. To them, it’s just a part of the natural world. I’m OK sharing a certain amount, but my expectations are that I can eat some too.

A garden can certainly attract wildlife and in terms of Feng Shui, that is a good thing. There are many birds in the garden right now. Having significantly improved the Chi in and around the garden, sometimes I feel like I am in an aviary. What about my intentions before I set up the garden? To what degree am I responsible for the improvement of the Chi?

A garden in the middle of its growing season, is like a mini representation of the cycles of nature. Because we interact with the garden, we experience the moments along the aspects of the ‘circle of life’.  It is this cycle and the little things I notice on a daily basis for which I have reverence. The little plant may be in my garden, but my soul is also being nurtured and is growing as well.

To see your garden in this way is awesome – in the true meaning of the word. I mean that as recognizing the awe of nature, its subtle reflection of something going on at an energetic level with which we can sometimes feel, see and connect.

Feng Shui is all about this energy – the Chi of my soul, my physical body and the garden. I find mysterious notions such as Feng Shui to be profound systems to tap into the phenomenon of nature and spirit. Feng Shui understands the cycles of nature and how humans are a part. It’s the knowing that we are a part and that we can also stand back and watch in solitude and with reverence.

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