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Spiritual Pathways Lead Nowhere

When people are on the spiritual path, they can be at any level: starting out or just awakening to the possibility that there is more to life than beer and football. People start to awaken when they seek out answers that reveal the nature of the Universe, its mysteries, the truths, the mechanisms of how the earth works and how we as humans can become something beyond what we know and comprehend.

We see others who seemingly have “all the answers” . Using various forms of knowledge that is based both on physical reality and metaphysical theories, we seek out their advice, their guidance and follow them along on our journey. As we learn, we tend to develop a filter and develop a set of antennae that is programmed to gravitate to a particular ideology or vibration. Since everyone is at the core, talking about the same thing, we cannot go down every road at the same time. We can however, pursue a path and change paths, all the while learning of different viewpoints and explanations of our true nature, how to live, how to feel, and how to just BE that you are ONE with anyway.

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