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Favorite Gardening Quotes

Garden and nature related quotes always have profound meaning to me, hence my sharing. It is good to have a garden to visit and ponder such quotes. Take this one for instance:

“There is a little plant called reverence in the corner of my soul’s garden, which I love to have watered once a week”  –Oliver Wendell Holmes

What if your garden was your soul? What if you revered your garden and all it means to you as sacred space? The impact of that quote brings personal relevance and allows you to experience the feeling behind the wisdom.

I water my garden more often that once a week. In fact, I don’t actually do the watering – having an automatic irrigation system. I do however, often go over and watch when I hear the system turn on. I like to experience what it may be like for the plants and soil to receive the watering. Almost like a feeding or type of cleansing.

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