The Spiritual Gardener is an archetype that expresses a personification of one’s connection with the earth, nature and gardens in general. It attempts to bridge the gap between mundane gardening activities and transcendent thinking.

Everyone who loves gardens, gardening, nature and who appreciate the various beliefs and ideologies surrounding nature and all of its systems will recognize their own inner Spiritual Gardener. For it is certainly an internal knowing rather than the outward focused physical activities of gardening that personifies the archetype.

There are dozens of books on the subject of spiritual gardens, soul gardens, sacred gardens that delve into the meaning of our deep sense of need to connect with these practices.

In contrast, there are thousands if not a million books, articles, websites, forums, blogs that limit their discussion of gardens to the fundamentals — mainly addressing the genre of How To perform or solve any particular issue with gardens. Evidenced by the often reported statistic that Americans report that as a hobby, gardening ranks at the top.

The Spiritual Gardener certainly loves to sow seeds, nurture the plants and reap the benefits, but they tend to dig a little deeper to uncover the root and tap into the primordial essence of their experiences.

As this blog grows, I intend for it to be a platform for lofty discussion and sharing about meaningful experiences, ideas and insights about how each of us are indeed a Spiritual Gardener.


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